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Prize Award Committee Members
M Forster (Chairman), Z Andjelic, M Bonnet, G Butlin,
R T Farouki, B L Karihaloo, M Sabin, J O Watson,
(Scientific Committee Member R Bronsart was absent ill)
"Young Researcher" Members (judging all presentations except their own):
J Gustafsson, J Rudolph

Best Oral Presentation (EUR300 Prize):

Jonas Gustafsson
Hybrid meshing and applications in computational electromagnetics

Detailed, understandable and well-illustrated insight into electromagnetic simulations of aircraft.

Joint Best Poster Presentation (EUR150 Prize each):

Iain Ainsworth
Surface modification based on the locally measured data

Excellent example of how a mathematical presentation can capture the non-mathematician's interest.

Karel Kenis
Making FEA profitable for small companies
Comprehensive practical joint university/industry project of interest to practically all engineers, not only those in small companies. Pity the project results were not published in English.

Notes for the interested, by Michael Forster:

In the categories "best oral presentation" and "best poster presentation" the committee made their judgements based on the criteria (a) technical, (b) understandability to non-specialist, (c) optical impression, (all three relating to the presentation) and (d) discussion competence (relating to the presenter). Grades were given by each member except myself, and these were averaged by Wiebke Meyer. The idea was that I should hold the balancing vote in case of equal best.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of this conference, it was a bit of a challenge to arrive at a fair judgement. The presentations were all of an exceptionally high quality compared to normal conferences. Just two comments to emphasize this: Dr Malcolm Sabin said "don't ask me whom to choose - they were so good that I did not even notice that they were Young Researchers", and Dr John Watson said about many posters that "they should be presenting a talk not a poster". Many thanks are due to Dr Malcolm Sabin for supplying not only "grades" but also a sentence or two of comment about each presentation, and finally for our deciding discussion. Going by averaged grades, the joint winning posters could not be separated - I trust the right decision was to split the first prize between both presentations.

A final comment regarding the most innovative technology presented in the poster presentations: This was seen to be Dr Fabian Duddeck's.