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EuroConference on CAE Integration - Tools, Trends and Technologies (ECITTT)

29 March 2001 - 1 April 2001
University of Cambridge, England

The chaining of engineering design and engineering analysis into one process often introduces data exchange problems, both inside organisations and across supplier/customer boundaries: This leads to expensive time wastage and indirectly hinders the introduction of new advanced methods and practices. The aim of ECITTT is to define these issues and suggest methods of improvement, encompassing special tools as well as work procedures and guidelines. ECITTT will also report on highly efficient mathematics in geometric modelling, in CAM, and in CAE, and on fracture analysis guidelines and tools, each of which will become relevant to practice in the immediate future.

A summary of the conference and Proceedings with most of the presentation materials are available in addition to the abstracts below.



10.30-11.15 Registration desk and reception

11.15-12.45 Opening Session

M Forster (Chairman)

3D Simulation Based Design
Z Andjelic (ABB AG, Heidelberg, D)

Geometry Problems and Possibilities in CAE
G Butlin (FEGS Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

14.15-16.45 Safety Awareness and Fracture Session

Accurate determination of stress intensity factors and higher order coefficients
B L Karihaloo, Q Z Xiao (University of Wales, Cardiff, UK)

R-Code Basic - An Interpreted Language for Integrating Analytic Solutions into a Fracture Assessment Package
M Fox (British Energy Generation Ltd, Gloucester, UK)

On the way from problem definition to presentation of results
L Hodulak (Fraunhofer Institut IWM, Freiburg, D)

16.45-18.15 Poster Session


9.30-12.30 New Emerging Technologies Session

Efficient tools for detailed modelling and analysis of welded pressure vessel joints according to local fatigue approaches
J Rudolph, E Weiß, M Forster (Universität Dortmund, D)

Practical aspects of development and use of boundary element methods
J O Watson (University of New South Wales, Sydney, AU)

Some recent advances in symmetric Galerkin boundary element methods and their coupling with finite elements
M Bonnet (CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, F)

Advanced mathematical methods for seamless integration of CAD and CNC
R T Farouki (University of California, Davis, USA)

13.45-17.45 Integrating CAE Session

CAE Integration as Basis of Collaborative Work in the Shipbuilding Industry
R Bronsart (Universität Rostock, D) absent ill, but paper included in conference proceedings

Data Exchange and CAx-Integration in Design and Development Process
P G Fisch (Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik GmbH, Überlingen, D)

Hybrid meshing and applications in Computational Electromagnetics
J Gustafsson (Ericsson Saab Avionics AB, Linköping, S)

The use of CADfix to process CAD data for general Finite Element pre-processors
T Ing (DAMT Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

19.00 Conference Dinner


10.00-11.30 Geometry Mathematics Background and Progress Session

Beyond NURBS - new free-form surface representations for the new century
M Sabin (Numerical Geometry Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

Approximate Implicitization for surface intersection and self-intersection
T Dokken (SINTEF Applied Mathematics, Oslo, NO)

11.30-13-00 Tools for Data Exchange and CAx Integration Session

The CADfix interoperability solution
A Chinn (FEGS Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

Engineering Application Integration Using a Python-Based Scripting Approach
D Cheney (ITI, Milford, Ohio, USA)

14.30-16.30 Guided tour of Cambridge


10.00-12.30 Closing Session

PKG - A process chain generator
K-H Grote, A Tenbusch (Universität Magdeburg, D)

FEA as carried out by Designers not Analysts: Common Problems and Pitfalls
R P Johnson (DAMT Ltd, Newport Pagnell, UK)

Virtual Prototyping of Electromagnetic Effects on Electronic Systems
R Perala (Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc., Denver, CO USA)

Money Prize Awards for Best Young Researchers' Presentations
ECITTT Scientific Committee

Closing Summary
M Forster (Fluxus Technology Ltd, Cambridge, UK)

Chair: M Forster
SIAM is represented by Prof R T Farouki