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Michael Forster
Fluxus Technology Ltd

The chaining of engineering design and analysis into one process often introduces data exchange problems, both inside organisations and across supplier/customer boundaries: This leads to expensive time wastage and hinders the introduction of new methods and practices, which may often be necessary to ensure public safety or the competitive functioning of a commercial organisation.

The aim of ECITTT is to define these issues and suggest methods of improvement, encompassing special tools as well as work procedures and guidelines. ECITTT will also report on highly efficient mathematics in geometric modelling, in CAM, and in CAE, and on fracture analysis guidelines and tools, each of which will become relevant in the immediate future.

The ECITTT conference will

ECITTT is a “EuroConference” conceived for between 30 and 100 delegates comprising:
EuroConferences are non-profitmaking events sponsored by the EC’s Research Directorate General, and rely on the support and unpaid work of their organisers. The EC’s RDG wants to encourage Young EU Researchers to be mobile, form interdisciplinary international research networks, and meet established senior researchers of academia and industry. ECITTT is organised in cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), represented by Prof. Rida Farouki. Acknowledgements are due to every one who has contributed to this first European event of this kind.

Cambridge is one of the oldest university towns in the UK, and in these modern times also the origin of hopeful young researchers and of widely known engineering software (e.g. Parasolid, Acis). It is an appropriate location for this EuroConference on CAE Integration.