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Making FEA profitable for small companies
Karel Kenis, M Juwet

Using a segmented design network for collaborative modelling of complex design tasks
Peter Lambeck, P Marx, J Kopsch, G Lechner

Integration of EDI systems forced by Internet
Wojciech Cybulski

A New Generalization of Boundary Element Methods for the Modelling of Complex Materials
Dr Fabian Duddeck

Surface Modification Based on the Locally Measured Data
Iain Ainsworth, D Brujic, M Ristic

The general idea of the system for generation of ship's hull element dimensions
Dariusz Duda

Computer aided optimisation of pipe layout in a ship machinery room
Aleksander Kniat

Aerodynamic Design of a Wells-Turbine-Blade with CFD
A P Schaffarczyk, M Schrumpf