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A P Schaffarczyk and M Schrumpf
Laboratory of Computational Mechanics
Mech Eng Dept.
University of Applied Sciences Kiel
D-24149 Kiel, Germany

A small-scale Wells-Turbine like [1] was designed and a model was produced for a power-station on sea. Due to the special working principle [3] emphasis has to taken on the aerodynamic profile and blade design. No empirical relations are available for these types of profiles/blades, so CFD is the only tool to get information about performance and power. The blade was designed with SDRC-IDEAS, MS 7 to have direct access to a rapid prototyping machine as well as to the meshing tool ICEMCFD.


A 100 mm model was built but still has to be measured. For optimizing the Turbine [5] more recent developed symmetrical Eppler-Profiles [2] should investigated.

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