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Wojciech Cybulski
Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology
Technical University of Gdansk
ul. G.Narutowicza 11/12
80-952 Gdansk, POLAND
tel. +48 58 3471237
fax +48 58 3414712

The poster addresses important issues connected to association of EDI systems. There are too many and too different types of computer systems and applications used on the global network. It is necessary to appreciate the technologies used in electronic commerce, it is in need to find out universal regulations, common standards, ways to realize and common methods to protect data integrity, user authentication, non-repudiation and transactions requirements. Organizations in market sectors are under the pressure to provide a better service to their customers as cost effectively as possible. To achieve this, businesses have to work more closely with each other than they have ever done before. Partnership and system integration has become a major theme of business, underpinned with very fast and reliable methods of communication to enable partners to function more effectively.

Following issues are addressed:

Different types of EDI systems:

Inner company environment:

Application EDI models:

Categories of EDI applications:

Analyses of cost connected to the EDI

Actual situation and planned progress of Optical Internet - applications, services and technologies for information society: